Dry ice blasting enhances equipment performance and improves productivity in the Printing Industry. Dry ice blasting significantly reduces downtime of equipment and personnel because printing equipment can be cleaned on-line without the expensive process of disassembly and reassembly.

Ink buildups, grease, and dirty equipment can result in poor print quality and a high amount of waste. These factors also impact the long term efficiency and operation of expensive printing equipment.

Lengthy cleaning processes can now be shortened by on-line precision cleaning with dry ice blasting. The radial feed series blast systems speed up the cleaning process and provide a more thorough clean. Dry ice pellets have the mass and density required to remove all types of solvent and water based inks and varnishes without damaging equipment and surfaces, resulting in optimal equipment performance, higher profits and increased productivity.

It takes long hours and expensive solvents to scrape, wipe and clean hard to reach surface areas. When one press needs cleaning, typically all presses need cleaning and this can lead to significant downtimes and lost revenue. Dry ice permeates crevices to remove ink, grease, and dirt to keep equipment operating efficiently. We will work closely with you to establish a timely cleaning schedule to avoid downtime and keep your plant operating profitably and on schedule.

Benefits include shorter downtime, longer lasting equipment, faster and deeper cleaning of your equipment, productivity improvements, cost savings, and ultimately higher production and profitability.