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Across Europe and the USA, Dry Ice Blasting Solutions have been providing state of the art cleaning for the oil and gas industry for many years we intend to roll these benefits out to Australia.

Dry ice blasting safely removes old paint, rust, carbon buildup, debris, and corrosion from silos, pumping stations, machinery and electronics, holding tanks, air conditioning ducting, piping and much more. Dry ice blasting is ideal for oil and gas because it is non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-conductive. It is capable of getting into tight and confined spaces and crevices that other methods cannot. Dry ice blasting does not contribute to secondary waste and is therefore an environmentally responsible solution.

Benefits include faster and more thorough cleaning, improved uptime and longevity of equipment, no harmful emissions, safe for employees and the environment, cleaning without shutdowns, aggressive for tough surfaces and sensitive to delicate equipment.