Mold and Mildew

Dry ice blasting removes mold spores from wood and does so up to 70% faster than traditional cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is capable of getting into hard to reach places, in crevices, and around nails and screws. Dry ice can be safely blasted around wiring, plumbing, and pipe fixtures without causing damage.

Unlike other methods that simply wash away surface mold and mildew, the low temperature of dry ice (-110 degrees) kills mold and mildew on contact. Dry ice blasting quickly permeates deeply into wood and other surfaces to remove mold spores without the need for expensive and often ineffective solvents. The dry ice blasting process also eliminates the need for laborious sanding and scraping.

In order to successfully remove mold from a building the source of the mold and moisture must be eliminated. Mold can cause health problems as well as endanger the structure itself. Once it is certain the source of the problem has been resolved dry ice blasting is the best solution. Due to its speed and effectiveness, mold removal will take a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods. Benefits include reduced labor hours, elimination of expensive and potentially toxic chemicals, improved health quality due to the absence of mold spores and chemicals, shorter clean times to allow occupancy in a shorter timeframe, improved aesthetic look of property, and longevity and quality of your structure.