Mining in more ways than one is big business with big assets. Keeping that equipment producing is what we do with absolute efficiency.

Vortex Dry Ice Services offer the most environmentally friendly way to clean Electrical equipment, Power Generation equipment, Draglines, Electrical cabinets, Wheel and Traction Motors, Radiators, Sulphur Spills, Crusher and Sizer shafts, bearings, Superstructures, Weld lines for inspection, Pre-NDT prep, Surface prep for new coatings and many other cleaning applications in the Mining, Oil and Gas fields and power generation industry.

Due to the no secondary waste benefit, this technology can be utilised indoors or outside alike for quicker cleaning, and equipment can be re-energised more quickly without all the Pre- and Post-Cleaning activities generally associated with traditional cleaning techniques. Waste disposal costs and activities are also greatly reduced.

Dry ice will effectively clean, Oil, Grease, Coal dust, Soot, and Black Jack, generally without all the disassembly usually required. Dry ice is dry and non-conductive, so it leaves treated surfaces intact, clean, free from residues, and free of traditional blast media.

Large Electric motors can be cleaned onsite without chemicals effectively removing contamination from areas such as windings without damaging the underlying varnish, increasing efficiency and minimising risks. Turbines are also regularly cleaned to allow for NDT to be performed quickly and easily in a fraction of the time, without the worker injuries and potential damage to the equipment.

Our dry ice blasting process is the best form of preparation for NDT works such as mag particle testing etc. because it does not peen the surface like soda or sand and this therefore leaves behind what we refer to as the most TRUE surface possible. What this means is that we can remove coatings or contamination like rut and scale and not change the substrate surface. Sand or soda has a tendency due to their more abrasive nature to close over and hide small fissures. The result means the NDT process takes place much quicker on a dry ice blasted surface. Again more time saving here.

HRSG’s, Boiler tubes and heat exchangers are also popular applications for dry ice cleaning.