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Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning most industrial surfaces and equipment including machinery, tools, conveyors, presses, electrical panels, and more. Dry ice blasting is nonconductive, nonabrasive, and nonflammable, which makes it ideal for all types of industry and equipment. Since dry ice sublimates on contact there is no grit or media to contend with after the cleaning process. Dirt, grease, grime, and residues are removed in a fraction of the time it takes other methods, in many cases up to 75% faster.

Our process is also an ideal solution because surfaces and equipment are often cleaned in place without the tedious and expensive process of disassembly and reassembly. This allows production workers to spend more time on production and less time performing nonproductive and non-revenue generating tasks. Also, since our process is “dry” there is no prolonged downtime waiting for surfaces to dry. Surfaces can receive new coatings almost immediately.
Dry ice cleaning is also the environmentally responsible cleaning method because we do not contribute to secondary waste. The end result from our cleaning process is whatever is removed from the surface we clean. While our competition is filling waste trucks with debris, grit media, and excess materials, we’re filling buckets with only the material removed from your equipment. This provides our clients big savings in hazmat and disposal costs.
Benefits include faster and superior clean, safe for employees and the environment, decreased downtime for equipment and production workers, absence of grit and other media, reduced waste disposal costs, and improved lifespan and performance of equipment.