Dry ice blasting can cut mold cleaning time by as much as 50%. Dry ice effectively removes sand and buildups as well as grease and residues that can be labour intensive and tedious to clean. Dry ice effectively permeates cracks and crevices to remove debris resulting in a higher quality end product and increased lifespan of machinery and equipment.
Dry ice will remove grease, lubricants, dust, ink and carbon from equipment. Since dry ice is nonconductive we can safely clean around electrical equipment, circuit boards, motors, hydraulics, etc. Dry ice is capable of cleaning technical, sensitive equipment at low pressures and aggressive enough to clean tough buildups on molds using high pressure. Our services include assembly of barriers and containment systems to prevent obstruction of work in process or work performed in close proximity to what is being cleaned.

Benefits include reduced labor hours, reduced downtime for employees and equipment, extended life of molds and equipment, elimination of grit substances, faster cleaning time, and increased productivity of employees and equipment.