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Dry ice blasting is an ideal solution for historic restoration because it is nonabrasive, chemical-free, and can remove layers of coatings and aging while restoring surfaces to their original splendor. Our process will also clean in a fraction of the time compared with other methods and avoid the laborious tasks of scraping, sanding, and brushing surfaces. Dry ice blasting is highly effective and efficient in restoring the detail of historic structures.

Dry ice blasting contributes no secondary waste further minimizing cleanup and saving time. We effectively remove smoke damage, fire damage, layers of paint, rust, mold and other aging factors. Dry ice blasting is effective in restoring statues and monuments without the need for chemicals that can potentially cause discoloration, alter the integrity of the surface, and contribute to hazardous waste. Our process is capable of cleaning off layers at a time and will permeate small crevices in order to restore objects to their original detail.

Benefits include the absence of chemicals that can cause damage to what you are attempting to restore, no contribution to secondary waste, faster and more efficient cleaning, and the deep clean necessary to restore objects to their original state.