About Us



At Vortex, our dedicated team of business developers and technicians, will hone our product to suit the market requirements of Australian Industry. Speaking directly to the end user, our ‘future clients’, listening to them and developing solutions designed to overcome their problems, by developing smart and specific processes to suit.

First gaining traction in Western Australia, where we have proven our product and now moving forward by developing efficient and effective business models, which is allowing us to forge our operations into the rest of Australia and perhaps beyond.

Mission Statement


Sustainable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment to the provision of customised Dry Ice Blasting Solutions.

Exploring New Opportunities


At Vortex we have a dedicated team constantly seeking to discover businesses, who will benefit from introducing our technology into their operations. During challenging economic times, organisations may increase the lifespan of their assets, therefore, improved maintenance scheduling is required to ensure the efficiency of those assets.This is where Dry ice blasting and surface preparation can make a major difference to plant and asset, operational efficiency.

Traditional chemical cleaning and stripping can be costly and hazardous to employees and in some cases corrosive to the assets.

Sandblasting is very messy with large amounts of waste. It can be too abrasive and to varying degrees damages the components and removes some of the surface itself everytime it is blasted, until critical tolerances are breached. The component must then be removed from operation and scrapped or rebuilt. This is not efficient, is time consuming and costly.

We CAN help here by introducing businesses to both a non abrasive and extremly low abrasive environmentally friendly and clean surface preparation and reparation solutions using recycled carbon dioxide in the form of CO2 pellets.

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